Monday, January 2, 2012

BAE Sells 3 Offshore Patrol Vessels to Brazilian Navy

BAE Systems has sold three already built offshore patrol vessels (OPV) to Brazil as the first part of a deal that also involves a manufacturing license for at least five more warships built locally.
The vessels were originally built for the Trinidad & Tobago government, but that deal was terminated in 2010 when the Caribbean nation refused to take possession of the OPVs due to late delivery. The two sides are currently in arbitration.
The three vessels will cost the Brazilian Navy 120 million pounds ($186 million U.S.) with a further 13 million pounds being allocated for training and support by BAE.
The first two 90-meter vessels are scheduled to be reactivated and handed over in June and December of this year, with the final warship being delivered in 2013.
The deal also has BAE handing over a manufacturing license to the Brazilian Navy for the local construction of at least five more OPVs.
A BAE spokeswoman said the local shipyard will be nominated by the Brazilian Navy.
The warships weigh 2,200 tons fully loaded, are armed with 30mm and 25mm cannons, and have a helicopter flight deck.
The OPVs are part of a major program, known as Prosuper, aimed at expanding Brazilian naval capabilities. Competitions to supply frigates and a logistics ship are ongoing.
A British offer to sell redundant Royal Navy Type 22 frigates as a short-term measure was rejected by Brazil last year.
A submarine fleet is already being built with French assistance

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