Monday, December 19, 2011

Pakistan blames “Afghan commander” for Nato attack: BBC

KARACHI: According to a BBC report, Pakistan’s military officials on Monday blamed an Afghan commander for the November 26 Nato strike on Salala check post in Mohmand agency, DawnNews reported.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that the accused Afghan commander conspired on the instructions of Indian and Afghan intelligence to dismantle Pakistan’s ties with US and Nato.
According to the published report, Pakistani military officials were probing the incident on their own and also handed few details of the investigative report to their Nato counterparts across the border on Monday.
Pakistani officials demanded action against the accused Afghan National Army commander by Nato officials in Afghanistan.
Pakistan’s investigative report did not indicate involvement of any American officials in the attack.
According to the report Afghani troops, without any prior notice, were patrolling an area at Pak-Afghan border which required 72 hours prior notice to Pakistani forces.
The troops deployed at Salala check post opened fire on Afghan patrol team considering them militants and subsequently Nato air defence helicopters, came to afghan team’s rescue, attacked the Pakistani post.
According to Pakistan officials, Afghans knew exact location of the post hence calling Nato for help was a pre-planned scheme.
However the ISPR rebuffed the BBC report calling it inaccurate.

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