Thursday, December 1, 2011

India Tests Nuke Missile With New Navigation

NEW DELHI - India's Dec. 1 test of its Agni-I ballistic missile was routine, according to an official with the Strategic Forces Command, which is in charge of maintaining India's nuclear-capable arsenal.
But other sources said it also was a test of an advanced navigation system that can direct the 700-kilometer-range missile to a pinpoint kill.
The 12-metric-ton Agni-I, which is already in the Indian Army's arsenal, can carry a 1,000-metric-ton nuclear warhead.
The test was conducted from India's missile testing range in the eastern state of Orissa, a Defence Ministry official said.
The Agni-I is regarded as a potential threat to Pakistan, while India's Agni-III, with a range of more than 3,000 kilometers, could target China.
India's Agni-V ballistic missile could reach the testing stage in the next two to three months, sources said. With its 5,000-kilometer range, the Agni-V could have the potential to take out targets in China and even Europe.

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